TuneCore Artist Earnings Top $134 Million In 2014

Imgres(UPDATED) This morning, TuneCore announced over $134 million dollars in 2014 artist earnings, up 11% from 2013 and totaling $504 million since 2006. In addition to an impressive uptick in artist revenue, artist downloads and streams were up 120% year over year, with more than 7.5 billion in 2014, and more than 12.4 billion since 2006. TuneCore experienced significant expansion in 2014, broadening horizons as a company and the independent artist community that they serve. 

More Strong Tunecore Stats:

TuneCore artists continue to make notable appearances across many creative platforms, from the big screen, with music featured on the Academy Award Nominated Birdman to a smaller screen, as a soundtrack to the increasingly popular podcast, Serial. 

In 2014 TuneCore Artists graced the stages of local venues and nationally acclaimed festivals with a high percentage of the performers having distributed their music with TuneCore:

*    festival30% of artists performing at SXSW
*   40% of artists performing at CMJ
*   And 50% of artists performing at the A3C Hip-Hop Festival

Recognizing the drive independent artists have to enhance their skillsets and grow as successful musicians, TuneCore launched Artist Services. The suite of tools was built with the vision of providing aspiring artists with the essentials to build and better their career and meanignfully connect with their fans while remaining fully independent. 

In 2014, TuneCore also undertook a significant initiative to better understand musicians’ thoughts and expectations for the future of the music industry.  An online survey of TuneCore Artists revealed that independent artists are optimistic about their future and encouraged by innovations in the industry, including the growth of distribution platforms like iTunes, Spotify and YouTube and the availability of social networks like Facebook and Twitter to facilitate deeper connections with fans around the world.  The TuneCore Survey also confirmed that artists strongly believe that streaming makes it easier for new fans to find their music and anticipate streaming will be a driver of the business’ future.


For 2015, TuneCore promises to leverage its Innovation Lab and other artist services. TuneCore's recently partnered with LANDR, an instant mastering service.


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