What I Learned from Writing One Song a Week

Images (4)There is something to be said about artists that hone their craft. However, the goal of writing one song a week takes pure diligence and discipline. But what if you put in the effort to write one song per week? What would you learn about yourself as an artist? How do you think you would grow as a person. Julie Geller found out a lot about herself as an artist with this challenge and is sharing her findings in her latest article. 

As an artist, the creative process can be stiffling at times. So many things can derail the creative process from it original intent. When that happens, it can be easy to not write new songs. In this article, Julie Geller shows us that song writing is a discipline that needs to be pushed past our fluxuating emotions. Mastering this practice could take your music to the next level. Check out the lessons that Julie has learned from songwriting on MusicThinkTank.com.

"In addition to the monthly music videos that I have been releasing since June of 2013, I recently challenged myself to write a song a week for ten weeks based on the Torah portion from the Book of Genesis. This was hard. And it took a lot of time. And it was completely awesome." 

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