MySpace Returns From The Dead, Traffic Up 575%

Myspace-logoWhat if MySpace was more than a vault for Throwback Thursdays?

With new stats showing user traffic up a surprising 575% from this time last year, MySpace is causing a bit of a buzz amongst social media connoisseurs. Generating over 300 million video views in the month of November, MySpace ranked 16th most popular video provider in ComScore's Video Matrix ranking begging the question: Could the social media pioneer really be making a comeback?

MySpace seems to have attracted a niche of users ranging in age from 17 – 25. Most are music and enteraintments fans who use the platform to connect with their favorite bands, artists, or celebrity crushes. MySpace experienced an uptick in user activity to the tune of 50.6 million unique users in the month of November. The social network admits to experiencing most of it's activity on Thursdays in what appears to be past active users accessing old photos for the social media phenomenon where users plaster old photos on the internet for a second appearance. 

Myspace“MySpace was an early photo-sharing platform,” said Tim Vanderhook, chief executive of Viant Inc., Specific Media's parent company. “We still see a lot of people coming back to access old photos. They may not visit every day but they come back once a week or once a month.”

Myspace still has access to 1 billion registered users, a pool of data advertisers wouldn't mind getting their hands on, but fails to scale in comparison to other social media giants such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. While the numbers show a resurgance of traffic, it's going to take more than a little Throwback Thursday action to put MySpace back on the map. 


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  1. People are actively seeking it out 500 million times a year. And it’s the step child. Forget about it site. Lol. That really epitomizes the Internet if half a billion unique looks is not worth much. Then the whole thing is not worth much advertising wise and is a waste of ad money

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