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What Made Book of Mormon Musical of the Year?

Book Of MormanThe Book of Mormon has become of one of the most beloved broadway musicals since its debut in 2011. There are a lot of elements that make a great musical. Great comedy, amazing original songs and heartfelt drama are in most musicals. However, there is a certain spark and chemistry that turns an ordinary musical to a great musical. In this article, Cherie Nelson explains in this article what makes The Book of Mormon a hit year after year. 

The Book of Mormon, like other great musicals, combine great comedy with serious topics that are relevant to today's culture. Another great factor of The Book of Mormon's success is the great music. In fact, The Book of Mormon has one of the highest charting cast albums in the past 40 years. Finally, The Book of Mormon has recieved a number of accolades including nine Tony Awards. Check out Cherie Nelson's take on what makes The Book of Mormon so great on

"Critics describe the show as irreverent but not mean-spirited, with great music and great comedy, superb choreography and costumes that put it on par with the great Broadway showstoppers. All of this attention and hype has allowed “The Book of Mormon” to remain at the top of the list of successful Broadway shows."

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