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Why You Should Give A Shit About SEO

UrlSearch Engine Optimization (SEO) is more than just an ignored acronym - it is what makes or breaks you on the internet, and in case you have a giant case of the Mondays and missed the memo, the internet makes or breaks your career nowadays. If you haven't "Googled" yourself and/or your band by now 1) don't admit it 2) do so immediately. If you're not appearing at the top of the search list, odds are, you've got some work to do in the SEO department. Now would be a good time to take the life line Digital Third Coast has so graciously provided in the form of the infographic below.

Kristen Geil of Digital Third Coast writes "Making sure you have a musical presence on the Web is a little more involved than posting a link to your YouTube channel on Facebook- you need a website, title tags and a meta description, relationships with influential bloggers, and more. Here’s your guide to SEO for musicians so that you can go from garage band to viral sensation."

SEO is what gets you traction on the internet, and getting traction on the internet is what gets your music noticed. Happy learning, happy strategizing, and happy building your carreer!