Zoe Keating Shares Call Transcript After YouTube Says Her Claims Are “Patently False”

zoe keatingOn Friday evening, a YouTube spokesperson called "payently false" claims by indie artist Zoe Keating's claim that she was being forced off the video service if she did not agree to all the terms of a new contract adding Google's paid Music Key service. Keating rebutted by releasing a rough transcript of her call with her representative at YouTube.  

Keating's husband has been fighting an aggressive form of brain cancer, and she''s taken on the daunting task of battling the insurance companies to cover his care. "I based what I wrote (about YouTube) off the transcript of our conversation – after 9 months of dealing with the health insurance company I’ve gotten good at taking transcripts," wrote Keating.

Her YouTube rep told Google would have to block my channel” if she didn’t sign the new music services agreement, according to Keating's transcript published on her bloghttp://zoekeating.tumblr.com/

image from s.ytimg.com"the music terms are outdated and the content that you uploaded will be blocked. But anything that we can scan and match from other users will be matched in content ID and you can track it but won’t be able to participate in revenue sharing.”

"All music content has to be licensed under this new agreement. We can’t have music in the free version that is not in the paid version”

I had them explain it again to be sure.

“Wow, that’s a bit harsh,” I said.

“Yeah, I know,” they said.

Google Retreats, No Video Monetization Without A New Contract?

After Zeating published her transcript, YouTube is "re-grouping to clarify their policies and figure out exactly what artists are being told.," according to Digital Music News, who first received the email rebuttal from YouTube.

We're reaching out Google and other sources for clarification. But it appears that, at the very least, aritsts will no longer be able to monetize their videos on YouTube unless they sign the new Music Key agreement.

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  2. I’m no apologist for Google but it appears that you guys are being a tad economical with the truth to say the least and are using tabloid sensationalism to sell advertising for yourselves which makes you no better than those who exploit artists.
    To clarify, what the Google person clearly stated in the phone conversation and by the way what on earth is Zoe Keating’s issue with YouTube really about?
    Any MUSIC channel that uses Content ID, MUST sign up to the new contract or they will have any videos of a music nature, associated with that channel, blocked from monetisation on YouTube and to all intents and purposes from YouTube. You can also withdraw from Content ID altogether.
    However, they can upload or make available such videos in their normal TOS which everyone outside the music industry has access to.
    So it is not quite the same as your blatant sensationalist headlines suggests. So rather than spread mistruths and carefully worded headlines, why don’t you just state the facts without skewing the details and also don’t forget this was negotiated with the Indies trade organisation Merlin.

  3. Kenny asked: “what on earth is Zoe Keating’s issue with YouTube really about?”
    I get the impression her main issue is YouTube wanting ‘all or nothing’ from Zoe. Thus she can’t have exclusive videos elsewhere, or that she has to release everything on YouTube. Sounds like a strong arm deal from Google. An artist should be able to pick and choose when they release their product and to who they release it to/through.

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