3 Tips for Making a Campaign Go Viral

Download (18)Most people do not know if a certain video or photo will be viral until its all over the internet and everyone is taking about it. But making something go viral is something that takes skill and a bit of luck.

What are the components of a great viral marketing campaign? Cherie Nelson shares in this article the techniques that are used when making a campaign go viral.

Viral campaigns take a bit of luck. More specifically, viral campaigns become viral only if the timing is right. There are many campaigns that have great content and have potential to be a viral hit. However, when not done in the right time it misses the mark. Making a viral campaign takes also a lot of skill. Taking the time to find the right group of people to share you content with is equally as important as timing. Check out Cherie Nelson's great tips on making campaigns go viral on MusicThinkTank.com

"People who pump out content but do not have a dialogue with their network, do not work as good seeds. Instead of these hubs, you want your seed to be people that talk with their network and their network talks back. Seeding takes time and starts long before introducing your content."

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