Music Business Enters The Streaming Services Arena With High Hopes

Kmusilek_IMG2304_1Ladies and gentlemen, another streaming service has made an entrance. In an already saturated market dominated by algorithm curated content, hit the market today with hopes of combatting competition with a distinctly human touch curates it's musical selections directly from the industry's leading blogs and music news sources. By determining individual preferences based on the news users are already consuming, the app seeks to set itself apart by catering to personal taste instead of auto-generated algorithms. integrates with Rdio and Soundcloud to create it's individualized playlists and allows for the browsing of articles and artist pages within the Rdio platform. 

In a release announcing the launch of the new streaming platform, noted: 

There’s a shift occurring in the digital music platform service industry that’s tilting from machine algorithms to human curation. Beats Music CEO Ian Rodgers said it best at the SXSW 2014 Man vs. Machine  panel, when he said “I haven’t seen anything replicate the human experience.” wants to pick up the slack by giving human bloggers more power and access to music fans.

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