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Future Of Music Coalition Praises FCC Moves Towards Real Net Neutrality

D73ccce8FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler is to present his plans to preserve an open Internet where musicians, composers and content creators are ensured the ability to reach fans and audience members without being infringed upon by extrinsically motivated internet service providers. The proposed rules are said to include a reclassification of broadband as a "telecommunications service" – a shift that will ultimately benefit and protect both creators and consumers. The FCC will vote on these changes on February 26, 2015 – and the Future of Music Coalition stands ready to welcome the proposed changes with open arms. 

Casey Rae, CEO of Music Coalition (FMC), a national non-profit research, education and advocacy organization for musicians and composers, released the following statement on the matter: 

“Musicians and other creators should feel proud of what we have achieved on behalf of our own communities, as well as Americans of every background and political persuasion. For years, thousands of artists and independent labels have stepped up and made the case for an open and participatory Internet where lawful content, sites and services have a chance to thrive. Everyone should have the opportunity to build a business, to engage audiences, to speak freely and contribute to our collective culture. If reports are correct, the FCC has taken a bold and necessary step to uphold these basic freedoms.

"The legal certainty and flexibility of a Title II approach is the best means to prevent ISPs from discriminating against lawful online content. This light-touch regulatory framework will encourage a vibrant, diverse and competitive online markeplace built on creativity and innovation.

Future-of-Music-Coalition-logo“We look forward to examining the rules and engaging in dialog with lawmakers and our community about their fundamental necessity. Moreover, we welcome the amazing creativity that real net neutrality will help inspire for generations to come.”

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