GigCave Combine Free Electronic Press Kits With Music Mentors

GigcaveNewly launched GigCave offers a simple but potentially powerful mashup of two important services for musicians – a free electronic press kit and paid professional mentoring.

On the GigCave platform , musicians can create, manage and host a free electronic press kit where music industry gatekeepers – live music bookers, managers, labels, publishers and others – can learn more about that band or musician.

Additionally, as part of its $50 three-month membership, GigCave offers a mentorship program that allows musicians to communication one-on-one with industry professionals for advice ranging from making live performances better to songwriting tips. Two of the launch mentors are Grammy Award-winners. 

To learn more we asked Anthony Tedesco, founder of Gigcave, to answer a few questions.

What motivated you to launch GigCave?

gigcaveA couple of different factors motivated me to launch gigcave.com. 1) I’ve been a musician for many years. I’ve seen firsthand how hard it is to succeed in the music industry. And 2) I was fortunate to meet and be introduced to many older, more experienced musicians at a young age who acted as mentors. I want to use my own experiences to help aspiring musicians and pay it forward, so to speak.Gigcave.com is my way of doing that.

One common problem a lot of musicians have is being able to present themselves in a concise, professional way. Gigcave.com helps fix this problem as it allows musicians to express themselves and their brand, while keeping them within the bounds of professionalism. Gigcave also offers a unique mentoring program through which members can sign-up to get advice from major industry professionals who have been in the business for a long time. Some of our mentors are Grammy award winners and have been in the business for over 30 years.

What are the top questions that artists asking the mentors?

It officially launched last Tuesday, February 17th . Our mentors are able to provide a vast amount of advice on many different topics such as performance and recording tips, stage presence, songwriting tips, etc. After our users start to ask our mentors questions, I’d be happy to do a second interview with Hypebot and talk bout the most common questions and the mentoring program in general.

If things click, is a mentor free to forge a deeper – non-hourly – business relationship with an artist?

At gigcave.com, we’d love nothing more than for our mentors and users to forge deep, long lasting relationships. As long as the gigcave.com mentor feature is useful to our users, we encourage them to continue to make use of it. Since with every mentor comes a wave of immense knowledge and wisdom, we encourage our users not to limit themselves and to make use of all of the mentors ongigcave.com. Our users are not pigeonholed into using one mentor at a time as our premium membership gives them access to all of the mentors inclusively for 3 months. There is no hourly arrangement. Premium members can contact mentors an unlimited amount of time for 3 whole months.

Hypebot is read by many music industry professionals.  Are you looking for more mentors.  If so, how does that work and who should they contact?

Absolutely. We are always interested in hearing from industry pros in any capacity. Whether they want to be mentors, have input, or feedback, they can email us at info@gigcave.com.

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