How To Master Your Call-To-Action & Video Presentation On Facebook

Social-media-marketing-australiaCompared to individual posts, Facebook’s Pages receive far less traffic, however they are often the first stop for someone new to your brand – are you making the most of each impression?

Guest Post by Jeremy Rosen of The Orchard on their Daily Rind blog.

Today I want to touch on some good ways to engage people during that first stop using the new Calls-To-Action feature in concert with video content and page design.

Few brands use the cover photo space for any type of programming notes, though labels and artists tend to do this by putting album covers and release dates here. Almost no one uses the cover image together with Facebook’s Page Call-to-Action (CTA) feature yet, though this would be quite effective.

Cover photos currently use the dimensions 851 x 315 pixels for desktop with a cropped version at 640 x 360 pixels for smartphones. There are no cover photos shown on feature phones. Facebook recommends using sRGB JPG files of less than 100 kb. However, if the photo is text heavy, it’s best to use a PNG file. It will load faster and more legibly.

Adding an arrow, an aura, or a highlight as the background to a CTA can really help emphasize this new feature, which Facebook announced at the end of 2014. Most pages should have this feature now, which appears as a button next to your Like button. These CTAs are roughly the same as those offered when you upload a video.

  • Book Now
  • Contact Us
  • Use App
  • Play Game
  • Shop Now
  • Sign Up
  • Watch Video

Combining your cover art with one of these calls-to-action can help you highlight something new for sale or, in our case, highlight a new video. Activating this feature from your cover photo is straightforward. Simply click on the option to Create a Call-to-Action, choose the option you want, and add a URL. Click the Create button and you’re all set.

shave club


Now that you have the top-level Page imagery in place, it’s time to work on some specific elements relating to video. The first one is easy: make the videos tab for your page visible. A lot of pages have this shunted away under the More tab.



You can adjust this by clicking on that More tab, selecting Manage Tabs, and dragging the tabs around in the order you’d like. Timeline will always be first.

manage tabs


This also gives you a nice-looking video section in your sidebar.

video section


Your audience can click and launch any of those videos right there or click on the little arrow to get taken right to your videos tab.

Now that you’re all set there, any time you upload a new video you can set it as a featured video CTA. Click videos under your Page’s cover, click Add Featured Video, select the video you want to feature, then click Add Featured Video. Simple as that. It’s also possible to playlist videos now, though I do not find the current implementation to be fully-baked.

Now you’re ready to combine the new CTA feature with the new featured video capability and draw attention to it through your page design. Enjoy!

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