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Inside Jeff Price’s Messy TuneCore Split: Read The Full Court Filings

tunecoreA new Billboard expose uses court filings to offer a look inside the messy 2012 split between TuneCore and two of its founders Jeff Price and Peter Wells. During the weeks following, Price and Wells maintained that they had been treated unfairly; while Tunecore and its investors remained steadfastly silent.

The Billboard piece implies that the spit was mostly about conflicting management styles and clashing egos. But in the court filings, beginning on Page 26, Price implies that Gill Cogan of lead investor Opus Capital deliberately withheld what Price believed to be a promised $1 million cash infusion to allegedly take control of the company from its founders.

We're reaching out to several sources and plan a further analysis tomorrow. In the meantime, the court filing tells an interesting tale that start with TuneCore's earliest days to Price's exit and beyond.

Read the court filing here.

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