JamKazam Upgrades Virtual Live Music Platform With Launch Of JamBlaster

ImagesJamKazam, a virtual live music platform and social media network for musicians, is bringing the stage to performing artists with their newest product, JamBlaster. JamBlaster offers a simple solution to recording music amongst musicians from all over the country by combining a quad core arm processor, like what you'd find in a tablet computer, with a two input premium audio interface into a new kind of music device powered by any standard router. Its plug and play ease of use remove the headache of drivers and software compatibility issues plaguing collaborative musicians today. 

An Overview of JamKazam

JamKazam takes the music you play that is captured into your computer – either by a device you already use for recording or by your computer’s built-in mic and headphones – and then uses an ultra-low latency encoder to stream your music to each of the other musicians in your session – and vice versa. Your own music stream is mixed together with all the incoming streams into a master output that you hear in your headphones. This all happens so fast that it sounds like you are sitting in the same room together. You can also voice chat with each other at the same time to communicate and collaborate.

JamKazam will launch a Kickstarter Campaign to support the production of JamBlaster on February 9th.  

Can JamKazam deliver? Hear what other musicians are saying about their experience: 

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