Muzooka Introduces Partner Platform – Connecting Talent With Opportunity

Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 1.19.38 AMMuzooka has launched Partner Platform, a new feature that takes the headache out of managing demos for both sides of the music industry. For industry professionals, sifting, sorting, and assessing the endless pile of YouTube links, Soundcloud profiles, and who knows what kind of file attachments can be exhausting and less than efficient. For artists, landing in that pile could be the kiss of death. Partner Platforms connects talent with opportunity and is free to anyone in the industry. 

Whether you are another artist looking for a collaborator, a label looking for new talent or a brand looking for a hit single, you can set up a personalized campaign complete with a custom link to share with aspiring talent who wish to gain your consideration. Once the tracks are uploaded, listeners then have the ability to vote them up the charts. 

Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 1.19.48 AMDrake Bell pioneered the service for Muzooka, offering a musical coaching sessions for the artist(s) of whatever demo impresses him mosts. The Basement, located in Nashville, TN has launched the second official campaign seeking talent to play in their legendary New Faces night. With Partner Platform there is no opportunity to increase your odds by paying up – Muzooka is simply offering the tools to allow connections to happen organically. 

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