New Live Music Platform Seeks To Serve Those With Disabilities

Why-not-people-bannerAccording to the World Health Organization, 15% of our global population lives with some form of disability. This totals one billion people who may or may not have access to the specialized health care they need. There are enough often times real limitations that restrict these individuals from actively participating in regular day to day activities – but Why Not People aims to make live music easily accessible for the 15%.

The UK based members only club requires that you submit some form of medical records or verification of your disability to join, but, once admitted to the club, members have the freedom to bring up to three friends or family members by purchasing additional tickets. 

Why Not People plans and hosts live music events with top talent catered to those with hearing impairment or sensory disorders. Thie means individuals with disabilities get to take part in what's going on around them instead of being shoved off to the side.

"I have spent the last few years DJing around the UK and globally, and when I look out at the audience, there is not one person in a wheelchair," Jameela Jamil, founder of Why Not People, tells Mashable in an email. "What I see is not representative of society. It's embarrassing that we live in a world where that is still the case. And that is what drives Why Not People — to change that, impact people's lives and ultimately break down barriers in the community."

Why Not People is seeking to raise £40,000 (approximately $60,000) to go towards the cost of getting the platform off the ground.

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