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Pandora Joins Internet Trade Association, Hires New D.C. Lobbyists

image from Alec Byers POLITICO’s in “Morning Tech”.

Pandora – and most of the music industry – has a big year ahead of it as D.C. grapples with several music policy proceedings, and Pandora is adding to its influence operation. The firm is signing on Forbes-Tate to help out with its Hill lobbying operation on copyright issues, and Pandora will also become the Internet Association’s newest member – a bit of a new area for the group, which has previously not had any music-focused companies.

It’s the second round of Washington expansion in as many years for the firm, which last year hired its first in-house lobbyist and D.C. communications guru. They’re closely monitoring several proceedings, like the Copyright Royalty Board’s ongoing work to set new webcasting rates, the Justice Department’s review of ASCAP and BMI consent decrees, and the House Judiciary Committee’s review of copyright law.

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  1. Or, they could put that money into actually paying out to music rights-holders instead of hiring more lobbyists.

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