Internet Fads Perception or Progress?

Download (16)We are all products of a digital generation; we are also victims of it. As much as we do not like to admit it, we are always enamored by new social networks that can get information out to the masses.

But as quickly as something is the "new and hot network" it can seem outdated and obsolete just as fast. In this article, Miff Tuck shares how internet fads work and gives her take on how we can be better stewards in this ever-changing internet culture. 

Ten years ago MySpace was the best network to get your music and other information out to the masses. Then it was Facebook. Then it was Twitter. The problem is not that there is always a new social network to market your music. According to Miff Tuckthe problem is that as a culture we become slaves to the digital platforms of the world and have no say in how that information is sent out. She believes that we should begin to find ways to place the power of digital marketing back into our own control. Do you agree? Check out her take on the digital marketing industry on MusicThinkTank.com and share your thoughts on the comments below. 

"Perception comes into play when you become increasingly aware that you really have to build up networks of thousands on these platforms if you’re to be taken seriously, so much so that we’ve become slaves to these platforms, feeding them our content and practically begging people to visit us on them. Wouldn’t our time be better spent building our own?"

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