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Smartphone Music Apps To Pay Attention To In 2015

Smartphone-appsIf you aim to accomplish something with your smartphone or mobile device, odds are, "there's an app for that." In a fast paced and continually evolving market, it's hard to choose what to use. The following article provides an overview of key players in today's music industry.

Guest Post by Jason Phillips and Hidden Object Games 365!

We can now play our favorite music anywhere, via a multitude of devices. Home stereos, car stereos, MP3 players, even our phones; we really can be continuously plugged in. No matter how many songs your device can hold, at some point you will need fresh music. Our favorite songs are constantly replaced by the latest musical creations. So which are the best apps for accessing the latest songs?


SpotifyThis is a fantastic app for listening to music legally; it also acts as a music discovery tool.  Spotify is capable of integrating with the majority of social media sites. It can collate all your music in one place. Then, based on your music tastes, suggest possible new tracks. Spotify will allow you to stream music for free, there is only a charge when you wish to download it. The software also supports the creation of playlists with your friends via simple drag and drop technology.


Pandora is an online radio station. A playlist is suggested based on the names of artists you search for. There’s also an option to rate the suggestion so that the systems can fine tune its suggestions. It should be noted that this is only available in the USA, Australia or New Zealand.


With over 35 million songs in their database it’s literally impossible to not find what you’re searching for. Building a playlist is simple and Deezer music experts are on hand to help with song suggestions. The compiled playlist can be shared with friends. This app also offers a search engine to find the lyrics to a song – very useful.


Mp3boxThis is another app which allows streaming of music for free. You are able to compile playlists from your favorites and it allows you to watch the official music clips. Searching with hashtags; such as #numberones, MP3Box will allow you to find hundreds of new songs.


It happens to us all, we hear a song, love it, but don’t know what it is. Simply hold your phone towards the music source with Shazam and it will identify the song for you. It will also provide some interesting information about the tune.


This is a radio app, with the added benefit that you are able to customize it. It is possible to tune your own music feed, this provides the opportunity to discover new channels and songs – A great way to broaden your tastes.


Access over 750 radio stations online and just listen, or enjoy the customized channel. The songs are picked based on the names of artists searched for. An excellent feature is the like / dislike button. More likes equates to more plays. More dislikes equals less plays, or on your customizable station, it equals no plays. Build your own, perfect station!


SoundcloudAn app with a huge database of current songs, simply search for your favorite song or artist using the hastag. The SoundCloud app will make suggestions based on your searches; it will also give you information on your selection.  Music can be very easily shared with your friends.


This app specializes in making long playlists – whether for your workout or an upcoming party. Pick a keyword and then listen, non-stop to the suggested music.


Playlists for every genre known are here, waiting for you. Pick one and listen – from old music collections to the very latest, you may even discover a genre you haven’t heard before!


Soundwave is a social media channel; simply create a profile and it will automatically add all the songs you stream on SoundCloud and YouTube.

Hype Machine

This app is a little different because it analyses what music is being written about by popular bloggers and plays music according to these recommendations. It is definitely designed to keep you up to date with the latest trends.

This is the guest post by Jason Phillips and Hidden Object Games 365!

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