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Spotify Launches Major Desktop Update: Adds Musixmatch Lyrics, Kills App Finder

Musixmatch Integration HozierSpotify today launched a major upgrade to its desktop app. Despite a trend towards more mobile listening, the desktop remains one of Spotify's most important platforms.

Today's major update of the Spotify desktop app brings lyrics provided by Musixmatch tho the forefront. Accessible via a new Lyrics button located next to the play bar, lyrics stream karaoke style across the desktop. (Watch the video below.)  Users can also search and browse popular lyrics from Spotify’s top songs using the Explore feature.


Friend FeedAlso new on the desktop:

  • Improved Friend Feed Its now easier discover what friends and those you are following are listening to. Scroll down the sidebar to see what playlists, songs and artists your friends are enjoying.
  • Daily Viral Charts – New charts feature the most shared tracks, as well as regional tracks based play counts. Additionally, all charts now feature indicators to highlight new music and how tracks are performing day by day.

The End Of App Finder and Many Third Party Apps

With today's upgrade, Spotify is now phasing out the App Finder and third-party applications from the desktop client.  It's a move that Spotify signaled months ago and does not mean that its no longer connecting with outside services. Here's how Spotify describes the shift:

"The integration of Musixmatch brings one of the most popular apps into the main Spotify desktop experience, joining partners like Songkick and Topspin. Additionally, we’ve worked with BBC Playlister, Swarm, Digster, Filtr and others to create richer experiences that complement Spotify and help form new music experiences alongside our own platforms."

Musixmatch Integration Hozier

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  1. Thank you! Didn’t see the lyrics link and was nearly desperate. Great update and a important step for spotify I think.

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