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Super Bowl Halftime Show Produces Streaming Music Bumps For Perry, Elliott (the real winner), Kravitz

perryJust as it always has for music sales, yesterday's Super Bowl Halftime Show now also produces a bump in music streams.  For Katy Perry streams increased 85% overall on Spotify, but Missy Elliot was the real winner with a 676% bump. Looking at the tracks as Perry performed, increases were as follows:

· Teenage Dream – 139%

· Firework – 107%

· California Gurls – 98%

· I Kissed A Girl – 94%

· Dark Horse – 69%

· Roar – 56%

 Missy Elliott is streams increased 676%. On a track level, Missy's increases were as follows:

· Lose Control – 1396%

· Get ur Freak On – 922%

· Work It – 896%

Lenny Kravitz streams also increased 103%.

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  1. I knew it was about marketing for the artists being Katy Perry did not get payed to perform during the Super Bowl half time. I also knew it would be huge for Missy Elliott because no one has seen her in like forever and than she pops up in super bowl half time looking to be in great shape and great artist form! well done.

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