The Best Time to Release Your Album: A Month by Month Guide

Images (9)When you are an independent artist, making an album is a feat in itself. All of the months of planning, writing, recording can be enough to occupy all of your energy. Now that the project is done, it is now time to market and release your album. But how do you know when is the right time to set your album out for release?

Seasoned music publicist, Janelle Rogers, breaks down each month of the year in the world of album releases to give insight to which month may be best to drop your next project. 

The schedule of an independent artist is all about the hustle. With touring schedules and major conferences there are some very great times to drop an album. However, what may be great for some artists may not be as great for others. For example, the SXSW festival can be a great time for a well known artist to drop an album while they are performing at a showcase. However, if you are a lesser known artist, putting an album out can mean your project can get lost in the shuffle of too many email blasts and promotions. To see the advantages and pitfalls each month has for an album release, check out Janelle Roger's article on MusicThinkTank.com. 

"This guide will give you all the months which could be the most advantageous for your album release, but you still need to start publicizing your album a minimum of three months in advance to meet media deadlines and create awareness in advance of the release. Also note, you should have your album mastered and cover art completed before announcing a release date for the simple reason recordings get delayed and art gets reworked. You don’t want to rush a release which would be ultimately detrimental to the exposure you could receive."

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