The Musicians Guide To Rocking Your Next Email Interview

Images (8)In the age of digital media, there is very little that we cannot do over the internet. If you are a musician, the internet will be your most valuable tool to send information out to the masses. It can also be a very cost effective and efficient way to get publicity. Email interviews can be a great opportunity for any artist, but in order for it to convey the correct message your answers have to be answered properly. With many email interviews under her belt, Brooke Segarra shares in this article the proper etiquette when conducting your next email interview.  

Email interviews give you the freedom as an artist to define the message of your latest project on your own terms. With that freedom, however, comes responsibility. It is important to remained focused and concise so that your message is clear. If you can convey humor and transparency in your answers, you can shed light to a deeper part of yourself as a musician. Check out Brooke Segarra's tips on the art of email interviews on MusicThinkTank.com

"So a blogger of the blogosphere has asked you to do an email interview (condensed way of saying he or she will email you interview questions and you will email them back the answers), cool. Whether you have a professional publicist, a friend behaving as your publicist, or you are taking the DIY approach does not matter- this article is for you."

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