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Three Tips To Thrive At The Folk Alliance Conference (Part 1)

NEcksteinNERFALobbyMusic conferences are in full swing this time of year. While I am sure that many of you are super excited for events like the Indie Artist Summit in Nashville this weekend, I want to bring to your attention another amazing conference coming up this week. This year's Folk Alliance International Conference brings over 3,000 attendees per year and is sure to deliver some great insights into taking your career to the next level. With conference season gearing up, Elaine Romanelli shares in the first of this 3 part series how to get the most out of music conferences from PR powerhouse Ariel Hyatt

Today's music scene is filled with people who try to be something that they are not; it is a cesspool of inauthenticity. If you are at a music conference this is the LAST thing you would want to be. Music conferences are designed to equip attendees tools and skills they need to thrive. Be willing to show up ready to be your self and make connections that show that you are real. Check out the first installment of Elaine Romanelli's series at

"You’re at the conference in part to promote yourself, so find the way that’s you. If glad-handing makes you seize up, maybe try the buddy system – you promote a friend, they promote you. (Promoting others is usually easier.) If you’re a digital whiz, you could live blog/tweet/post about your experiences."

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