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Three Tips To Thrive At The Folk Alliance Conference (Part 2)

FolkAllianceConf2015_CSTThis time of year means music conference after music conference. For an indie musician, this means countless opportunities to learn and network. Singer and songwriter Elaine Romanelli shares the second installment of three on how to get the most out of music conferences with tips from our friend, publicist Ariel Hyatt. 


 In the first part of this series, we learned that being authentic can be a simple and effective way to show your talents in the best light. But it is just as important to be consistent in your approach. If does not mean that you have to be a social media junkie, posting multiple times a day on every single social media outlet under the sun. It does mean that you have to pick a target audience and share often enough so that you are relevant without over-saturating. Check out tips on being consistent on

"This is ‘branding’; you convey what you’re about by being consistent internally, so that how you act, look, and what you talk about aligns with the art you make or present. When they do align, we get a clear picture of you/your organization. When they conflict, it’s like fog in a field." 

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