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TightTalk RecorderPlugin Reinvents The Cassette Recorder For Modern Use

Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 6.23.11 AMRemember when recording was revolutionized by the cassette player? Hip Hop artist Trace Marx (Mark Larmon) is on a mission to initiate another revolution by taking the cassette recorder concept and merging it with modern technology – thus, the RecorderPlugin. 

TightTalk's RecorderPlugin seeks to put top of the line convergence technology in the hands of industry professionals, musicians, as well as every day users. Capitalizing on the existing headphone connection, the gadget plugs into your device giving users the ability to capture both sides of conversations, record voice memos, music, and whatever is happening around them, instantly converting recordings into high quality MP3 files.  

The RecorderPlugin brings the luxury of recording any external sound with the touch of a button, while also making it simple to record both sides of a cell phone conversation, or any form of music that is playing. The Recorder Plugin’s on-board microphone and speaker also allow it to be used with or without a headset while adding the features of a voice recorder for recording conversations, class lectures, or any other live sound. By then making the recordings available instantly as MP3s via USB, users have a process they are familiar with; enhancing the ease of adoption to the new technology. 

Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 6.22.44 AMIn an exclusive interview with Hypebot, Mark Larmon expressed his enthusiasm about the RecorderPlugin and the necessary role he believes it will play in the industry moving forward. He also shed some light on what differentiates the RecorderPlugin from the competition. 

Laura: "Most of what I can do with your product, I can already do on my phone. I have an app on my phone that, as you know, is already recording this phone call and at the close of this conversation will have bounced a file to my cloud for instant accessibility. So, what is it about the RecorderPlugin that makes it a necessary piece of technology? How does it go above and beyond what I already have open access to?

Mark: Information storage obviously IS going in the direction of cloud storage. The second version is projected to incorporate both Bluetooth and Wifi capability, making it your own personal cloud storage system. With all of the security breeches taking place, the ability to save your content to a device you have full, private ownership of is a feature I believe will be attractive to consumers." 

Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 7.27.41 AMLarmon makes a strong point with information storage. In the corporate world especially, privacy laws stand in the way of sound recording, especially when the storage of sound recordings would be housed in a cloud based system that would conceptually have more likelihood of being compromised than a hard drive storage system. Larmon suggests the RecorderPlugin could serve as a more efficient transcription system for large companies who ultimately still spend hours transcribing recorded conversations. To have only sound recordings may present its own challenges when looking for specific information within a conversation between clients and businesses serving them, but would it offer efficient benefits? Certainly. 

The entry level model (16 GB) will record up to 300 hours of conversation. TightTalk will also produce the RecorderPlugin with 32 GB and 64 GB of in-unit storage.

Laura: If I'm an aspiring artist and I'm looking at this product, why should I spend money I don't yet have on your product? What does it have to offer that makes it a worthy investment? How does the RecorderPlugin serve the majority of musicians trying to advance their careers?

Mark: The first way would be in the creation of your music. It makes it much easier for artists to record song ideas. If I'm at home and I've recorded and instrumental, and then I write lyrics and overlay lyrics to the instrumental as a rough, I've got something I can listen to and tweak before I get into the studio and spend valuable money and time just to brainstorm. It makes that process a lot cheaper for the artists. 

According to Larman, “We believe that consumers should have the power to record what’s around them with smart technology that’s not limited by mobile OS interruptions or expensive recording equipment. The digital age is supposed to be easier, not harder.”

Want to be one of the first to get your hands on a RecorderPlugin? Orders and contributions are currently being taken for the RecorderPlugin on Kickstarter, with early bird prices starting at of $65. Shipping is slated for December 2015.

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  1. Mark still didn’t answer to the questions… why would anyone buy an extra product while our phone can do the same thing? Coming up with this idea in 2015 is really dumb.

  2. While it could be considered a stretch, the memory devoted to the sound recording storage is a considerable upside vs. relying on storing recordings on your phone. There’s no way I could sustainably store every interview I do on my phone, but I could get a long way with 16 GB that could hold 300 hrs of conversation.

  3. Laura… there are 32GB memory cards you can put in your phone which is capable to store 700 hours of audio in MP3.

  4. Definitely, and they are a great resource for anyone with a Windows, Samsung etc. I have an iPhone and thus, that does not work for me. Again, this product could be considered a stretch depending on what position you’re in, but if well executed, it has potential.

  5. Ya I think this is a great idea. I like recording “found sounds” on my iphone, but its a pain transferring them, plus the sound quality will be better than an Iphone mic I’m sure.
    Additionally, iphone does not allow you to record conversations, I dont even think an app has been approved for that. This solves that problem.

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