12 Radio Promotion Tips To Help Build Awareness For Your Band

Radio-promotionRadio promotion is the process of soliciting your music to radio stations to get airplay, to build professional relationships, and to make fans. Are you getting the most out of your radio promotion campaigns?

Guest Post by Bobby Borg

College radio stations, web radio stations, satellite radio stations, and commercial specialty shows (the “locals only” type shows on commercial stations at the end of the week) are all great places to promote your music—especially when the Internet is overflowing with millions of other independent artists competing for attention.

 12 tips to maximize your next radio promo campaign

1. Create a target station list of all radio mediums by using Radio-Locator (www.radio-locator.com), Indie Bible (www.indiebible.com), and Live365 (www.live365.com). Write down the station name, show name, DJ, contact information, submission policy, and “call time” (the time the DJ accepts calls). This should pretty much do it.

2. Prepare the proper materials for your campaign including a broadcast quality master (CD or MP3), a “one sheet” that includes important information (such as your name, picture, brief bio, and your accomplishments), and a short note or cover letter or email indicating your objectives for sending your music.

3. Call the station one week after sending your music to see if they received it and ask for feedback. Be prepared to call-back repeatedly to reach the DJ or music director. Also be patient and be extremely nice. This is a very important step in the process.

IStock_000013494357XSmall4. If your music gets played, send the DJ a ‘Thank You’ card for adding your music and let him/her know that you really appreciate his/her support.

5. Request positive quotes from the DJ about your music to use in your promotional packets and websites.

6. Schedule live station interviews and station performances.

7. Offer records, merchandise, and concert tickets that the DJ can give away on his/her show.

8. Send in pre-recorded “station identifications” (e.g., “This is John Doe and you’re listening to KXLU”). DJs typically get a kick out of station IDs.

9. Provide pre-recorded “station drops” (where you re-mix a song to include a specific station’s call letters or DJ’s name).

10. Invite the DJ to your shows as a guest.

11. Ask the DJ to MC your live performance.

12. Ask your fans to listen to the station and to inquire about your music when they hear it. 

Overall, remember that your promotional goals for radio should be to form long-term relationships that can lead to other promotional opportunities. DJs and other radio personnel are known to refer bands to important contacts like other radio DJs, local club bookers, and owners of mom-and-pop retail stores. They also go on to work at commercial stations, and this might be an “in” for you down the road. I call this creating the “clique of the future” and sealing your fate. As English author Samuel Butler once said, “The future is purchased by the present.” Cheers and good luck.

DIY CoverWant to learn more helpful tips? BOBBY BORG is the author of Music Marketing For The DIY Musician: Creating and Executing a Plan of Attack On A Low Budget (September 2014). The book is available on Hal Leonard website under “Trade Books” http://bit.ly/1po5FyO (ISBN: 9781480369528), AMAZON http://amzn.to/X4Fwst, or Bobby Borg (www.bobbyborg.com). 

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  1. Dope! I think Internet and social media is my number 1 form of promotions, but this reminds me that there are other types of promo you can throw into the mix likes the above! I guess the more different ways you can get out there, the better. Thanks. you hit me on twitter @KarlWindon

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