1600 Amanda Palmer Fans Pledge $14,000+ “Per Thing” In Under 24 Hours On Patreon

amanda palmerYet again, Amanda Palmer and her legion of loyal fans are blazing a trial of support for the arts; not just for herself, but for all musicians and creators. Less than a day her new Patreon campaign has attracted almost 1600 patrons.

Less than 24 hours after launching on fan funding platform Patreon, Amanda Palmer has attracted almost 1600 patrons who have pledged to pay every time she posts new content. As of Wednesday morning, each time that Palmer posts her writing, songs, video or other creations in a supporter-only feed on Patreon, these patrons will pay her more than $14,000. Two have even pledged $1000 each time she posts new content.

On social media Palmer's fans are expressing their excitement; not just about having special access to Palmer's creations, but also playing a role in shaping a new paradigm for supporting creators. 

image from www.aedweb.orgJust supported @amandapalmer on @Patreon, like so many others. I hope every old entrenched industry is scared shitless – they should be.

Kirk Wight (@kwight)

image from www.aedweb.orgI'm supporting @amandapalmer Amanda Palmer because this is the future of music. @Patreon http://t.co/erfGd1pafL

Joshua Binns (@JoshuaBinns)

image from media.tumblr.comPalmer has a history of successful fan funding.  In 2009, she earned $19,000 in 10 hours selling a limited edition t-shirt on Twitter; and a 2012 Kicktstarter campaign broke all records grossing $1.2 million from fans eager to support her. More recently her Ted Talk and book The Art of Asking: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Let People Help were hits and inspired more creatives to reach out and connect with their audiences.

As for Patreon, Palmer wrote her fans: "I've been struggling since I got off my label in 2008 to find the right platform for ongoing support, through which I can release constant material (and get paid). I think this is it."

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