5 Things the Music Industry Needs to Stop Bitching About

Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 6.49.06 PMIn the music business, there are many players who like to play the blame game as to why the industry is in the state that it is in. But maybe it is time to stop pointing fingers and figure out what the real problems in the music industry are

As humans, when things go wrong we naturally like to take blame off of ourselves and place it to others so that there is minimal damage. For the music industry, this phenomenon is much greater. We now live in the age where anyone and everyone has a stake in the state of music so the desire to place blame intensifies. But is placing blame helping? Would it be better to use the things a lot of the people in the music industry complain about and turn proverbial lemons into lemonade? Sari Delmar believes so, and shares in this article how we can make the things we complain about most an asset and not a liability. 

Nepotism, for example, is normally seen as an awful thing where only those well connected get ahead. Can that be used as fuel for us to work harder and network? We complain that music royalties are non-existent. Can we embrace the many more ears that hear the music we fight to guard? We hate the madness of disorganized politics in music festivals. Can we accept that as a necessary evil. Check out Sari Delmar's take on problems with the music industry at MusicThinkTank.com.

"Managers, agents, publicists, artists, we love to bitch! I’m the first one to admit that sometimes it’s nice to think that the big bad industry has done us wrong and our plight is not directly related to our actions and approach. While sometimes that may be the case, it’s not really useful energy now is it?"

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