Amanda Palmer Embraces Direct To Fan Patronage Platform Patreon

amanda palmerUPDATED: Fan patronage platform Patreon has been helping creators – musicians, YouTube stars, podcasters, artists and others – monetize their relationship with their fans since launching in 2013.  Today, founder Jack Conte's startup launches what will likely be its biggest ongoing patronage campaign yet for Amanda Palmer.

UPDATE:  Just 3 hours after launching Amanda Palmer had 650+ paying patrons.

Amanda Palmer has long been a hero both to her legions of loyal fans and to other independent musicians and artists who appreciate both her music and her determination. Repeatedly, Palmer has shared her concerns, needs and ambitions with fans (1.07 million on Twitter), and they've responded.

Amanda Palmer: The Queen Of Asking

image from amandapalmer.netAs early as 2009, Palmer earned $19,000 in 10 hours selling a limited edition t-shirt on Twitter; and a 2012 Kicktstarter campaign broke all records grossing $1.2 million from fans eager to support her. More recently her Ted Talk and book The Art of Asking: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Let People Help were bona fide hits, inspiring more creatives to reach out and connect with their audiences.

Now, Palmer is turning to fan patronage platform Patreon to connect with and be rewarded by her most loyal fans.  "I've been struggling since I got off my label in 2008 to find the right platform for ongoing support, through which I can release constant material (and get paid)." Palmer wrote to her fans. "I think this is it."

Like many ongoing Patreon campaigns, Palmer is offering fans access to a stream of exclusive content. $1 per posted content nets access to a private Patreon-only feed where she'll post thoughts, songs and more. A pledge of $3 makes that content downloadable for permanent private use. $5 adds the fan to a "random surprise group" that gets bonus content.  $10 entitles them to all of the above, plus a monthly interactive webcast. 30 "Angel Investors" who pay $100 for each piece of posted content will receive more personalized attention from the prolific Palmer.

Patreon's Jack Conte

image from liquid-state.comIn a call yesterday, Patreon founder Jack Conte expressed his excitement at working with Palmer. "Amanda has a very, very special relationship with her fans. I've never seen anything like it." said Conte, who built his own musical career as on YouTube and now Patreon as half of the musical duo Pamplamoose. "We've been talking about working together for almost 18 months. It's important to Amanda to get things right for her fans."

Patreon, which has raised just over $17 million to date, is on a roll; and the attention with that usually follows Amanda Palmer is likely to accelerate growth. In fact, the company has jumped from 6 to 22 staffers in the last year, and is currently hiring.  

See Amanda Palmer's Patreon offering and sign up here

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