Bandcamp Has Paid $100 Million To Artists, Plans Artists Subscriptions

image from www.eartothegroundmusic.coDirect to fan music sales platform Bandcamp has been a hit with independent artists and labels.  Today we found out just how popular Bandcamp is, along with its plans for the future of D2F.

Bandcamp has paid out more than $100 million to artists and labels since it launched in 2008. At a time when music sales are falling, purchases on Bandcamp have increased 30% in the last year and now average $3.5 million per month. That "works out to about 16,000 records a day," co-founder Ethan Diamond told Billboard.  "One every five seconds, twenty-four-seven."

image from www.hypebot.com

As we reported last October, Bandcamp has been testing features that would allow fans to subscribe Patreon-style to artists. Diamond now says that the startup has plans to broaden the offering and launch it publically soon.

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  1. Nice marketing.
    What they don’t tell you is band camp had about 550k artists and makes about 10mm payouts per year which averages about 19 dollars per artists.
    Yall need to stop treating music like communism. I couldn’t name 1000 great artists let alone 10,000 let alone 550k. The internet made it easy for everyone to claim to be an artist and the fact is 99% of artists won’t last and bring nothing new to the table. So who gives a fuck about how much 20 dollar payments they’re paying to half a million artists who gross less than 1000 a year on their music.
    The better metric they should disclose is how much the top 100 artists got paid. I bet it’s shit. Probably no more than 50k, which means the most financially successful artist makes less than a government employee.
    Other than a handful of artists that play the “I’m independent! look at me!” Card, most relevant artists steer clear of that site. Sojndclous is shit but it’s defiantly a better brand even with its ugly orange.
    Band camp is a place for amateurs, And that’s why band camp sucks. It’s for artists to test the waters, not make a living. It’s a clunky platform that only exists because nothing has challenged it, and only the company is living good off the sum of all its artists that fail individually.
    We’re in the early days of online music still these fools won’t be around when the better platform comes around. It will only be artists who make bland music for their 40 fans.
    The worst thing about band camp is the fucking name. Band camp? Foh.
    If someone sends me their band camp link I look at them like they have no clue.

  2. Yes it would be an interesting stat. Where do you get your 550K artists stat?
    But don’t lose site of the fact that Bandcamp is a service and not a promotion platform. It does not imply success.
    And I know for a fact that there are far more than a handful of artists who have made more than $50K via Bandcamp. And every artist made more there than they did selling the same download via iTunes.

  3. Bandcamp is great. Artist get so much more per song than any other service. Not only that but they also get the email address of every fan. I’m thinking about putting my next release on Bandcamp exclusively. Screw iTunes and Amazon. People will never find you on those sites anyway unless they have a direct link to it.

  4. Let’s face it, music is fucked. It has turned in to a game for ameteurs to play at in their spare time. The major labels are still running the show and churning out the same 3 chord shite year after year that spotty teenagers lap up like bitches sucking dick in a porn movie and independent just means “broke and probably working a day job”
    Music as an art form has been devalued by the internet to such a point that any tit can put out some shite recording and get on fkin itunes via CD baby or whoever the fuck. Music is a joke now days. It’s dead. Kiss it goodbye and move on.

  5. lol name all those artist pulling in more than 50k that you know. That’s hilarious. I bet everyone of them has had some type of major label or major indie deal at one point that got them their fans which have followed them to bandcamp. And they’re not too far from iTunes or Amazon cuz you still need to promote links to get the majority of traffic to their site.
    A quick search on quora will give you the amount of artists on their site.
    Fact remains that the headline of this article which is from bandcamps PR is misleading. They are making the most money individually artists are pulling in shit from that site.

  6. Sound tweaker if you’re honestly considering using bandcamp exclusively I know for a fact that you arent relevant. You are one of the 500k mediocre hobbyist that bandcamp cater to and use like they are helping music reach the next plateu. Reality: you make music on the side.
    A rookie publicist would tell you that bandcamp exclusively is a stupid move. .

    That headline is amatuer bait designed to get hobbiest excited that they may have a chance. But really they know you are just lining bandcamps pocket.

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