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Billboard, Twitter Launch Chart Integration

image from www.hypebot.comMusic is meant to be heard, rather than just read about. So to solve that problem Billboard and Twitter have integrated, "the Switzerland of music services" into select charts.

Billboard and Twitter have integrated a music player into select charts to allow online users to hear each charted tune. At launch, play buttons have been added to the Twitter driven Trending 140Last 24 Hours, and Emerging Artists "real time" charts on

image from"The Hot 100 itself is not going to have everything available on Spotify or Rdio at all times (such as Taylor Swift, Beyonce, latest Drake cuts, etc). For the Real Time charts, that is even more prevalent," co-founder Shehzad Daredia told Hypebot. "And even if a piece of content is available on Spotify, that would mean only a small fraction of their audience would be able to play it back. The digital music world is too fragmented to allow only one source of music playback on a broad-reaching web property. is "service-agnostic" pulling music from YouTube, SoundCloud, Rdio, Spotify and other services. added Verified Artist Pages last July. As you can see from Christina Perri's page, her music is featured along with playlists, related artists and tour dates.

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  1. Does that mean it may be pulling music from illegally uploaded YouTube videos, and thus the rights-holders are not paid for the plays?

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