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Couch By Couchwest Proudly Presents The Exact Opposite Of South By Southwest

Couch-300x138Can't make it to Austin? Too smart to go during SXSW? Couch By Couchwest (CXCW) has been offering an alternative to the madness for five years running. Where? In the living rooms of musicians everywhere.

Forget the wrist bands, the crowds, the overpriced food, the hassle, the headache, the ticket fees, exclusive (excluding) parties – list goes on forever. Couch By Couchwest has been celebrating musicians in the comfort of their own living rooms for 5 years running. 

Offering musicians plagued by the real world an alternative to funding a trip to Austin and actually taking time off work, CXCW accepts video submissions of musicians recording music videos from their couch, porch, van, or anywhere that's not a conventional stage and showcases them concurrently with SXSW. 

Scaled.drunk-cat-couch-potatoThe online music festival is still accepting submissions and is looking forward to kicking off its 5th annual CXCW – "where the beer is cheaper and the only hipster is you."

Submission rules are as follows:

  • Videos do not have to be recorded on a couch, but they should be recorded essentially anywhere but a stage (we strongly encourage creativity). See these videos from CXCW 2012 for examples.
  • Submitted videos should be unique (i.e. for the CXCW audience). Please do not send us promos, EPK’s, live concert footage, music videos, slideshows, etc…
  • Low-budget iPhone videos are absolutely acceptable, in fact, they are encouraged.
  • For the love of god, no lip syncing.
  • You may do more than one video, but if we run out of time we may post both videos at the same time, or post only one. Your best bet is to do one kick-ass video that knocks our socks off!
  • Please tag your video with “CXCW2015″ so that we may keep track of it on our YouTube channel (if you use Vimeo or some other service, please do the same).
  • Also please include where you are from and any links you wish us to use (website, facebook, twitter, etc…) so that we may point our readers to you.
  • If you are uploading your video prior to the start of the festival, please set it to “Unlisted”. This can be changed once the festival starts. Setting it to “Private” means we won’t be able to see it.
  • We love all types of music and will try to post everything (unless overly offensive of course…i.e. Nickleback covers).
  • Only Darius Rucker*, Old Crow Medicine Show, and Bob Dylan are allowed to send in a video of “Wagon Wheel.”

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