Croquet Records Launches Nonprofit Record Label, Signs Indie Rock Band Melt

Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 10.53.37 PMYesterday morning. Croquet Records announced the launch of it's non-profit label, the first record label to receive 501(c)3 nonprofit status in North Carolina, signing Indie Rock band Melt. 

Serving as a stepping stone to larger labels, Croquet Records only requires artists to sign a non-executive contract, allowing them to retain the rights to their original music. With the popularity of crowdfunding outlets on the rise, Croquet Records offers artists the support they need to effectively manage their campaign. 

“The problem with the industry is that music has been turned into a commodity and music listeners have been turned into consumers,” said Executive Director James Willamor. “As a nonprofit arts organization, we want to treat music as art and ask our listeners to become patrons. We are focused on building our local music community by bringing emerging local artists and local music enthusiasts together.”

“The crowdfunding platforms have demonstrated listeners are willing to pay for the music they love, but there is a need for a third way between traditional record labels and bands having to do everything themselves," Willamor said. "Nonprofit record labels are in a position to help bridge that gap."

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