Dear Bands, Why Are You Still Making It So Hard To Buy Your Music?

One-69528_640The fact that album sales are on the steady decline is old news, but a newer, slightly shocking phenomenon is that bands are STILL making it difficult the buy their music. 

Guest Post by Michael Brandvold

Currently there are two artists that have just released new albums that I want to buy. But, they won’t let me buy their new music. Well sort of. I can visit their website and purchase a CD directly from them or some sort of download card that will then allow me to download the music after they mail me the card.

Really, purchase a physical card that is shipped to me that will allow me to then download the album. But, neither of them are selling their album digitally via Amazon, iTunes or Bandcamp. I just don’t get it! These two bands are not signed to record labels, they are DIY, releasing their own music. Their success and ability to make money rests solely on their ability to sell music directly to their fans.

Why are band’s still making it so difficult to buy your music?

How come you are forcing me to buy the music in the format you want and not allowing me to buy your music in the format I want and when I want it?

126Stop bitching about how rough the music business has become, how hard it is to make money as a band, how nobody buys your music when you are turning away customers. Be sure you point your finger squarely at yourself because you are the reason you aren’t making any money. Don’t blame the fans, don’t blame the industry!

If you want to make money selling your music, actually sell your music to your fans.

My credit card is out and I am ready to give you some money… do you want it?

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  1. It’s pretty obvious isn’t it… They don’t want to give a major percentage of their music sales to iTunes, Amazon, or Bandcamp. Common you had to know this. I understand that you are frustrated that you can’t get it right now but good things worth the wait. Just know deep down inside you are supporting the artists work by doing it the way they are suggesting.

  2. This writer sounds like a spoiled brat.
    How much do you really want to listen to the music if you’re not willing to wait a couple of days for it? They’ve given you two different options to buy their album, you’ve found those options easy enough. Quit your moaning, grow up, and support the artists you like the music of.

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