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Fezzee Introduces New Device-To-Device Technology For Festivals At #SXSW

PastedGraphic-8Fezzee introduced FessMesh at SXSW as the newest addition to it's suite of event management tools that creates a device-to-device, ad hoc mesh network using mobile devices at festivals to overcome the common issues of connectivity at large events. 

Thousands of college football fans can shut down a cell tower on gameday and so can attendees traveling from all over to make the pilgrimage to festivals like SXSW. With clogged cell towers and less than reliable wi-fi, communication can quickly go from challenging to impossible. FezzMesh enables easy and effective communication through their device-to-device user network. 

MBdapehQgG4v11QDx4F31ffcro240rxszl1evPHIOX0Festival coordinators can instantly update last minute lineup changes to attendees as well as any breaking festival news or promotions. For those attending the festival, FezzMesh simplifies keeping track of your tribe with their interactive map. The use of FezzMesh saves battery life and banwidth across the board, qualities that are attractive to festival attendees as well as coordinators. 

Haileigh Meyers, Vice Consul for ICT & Creative Media for UK Trade & Investment notes: “The UK is the largest market for app development in Europe and more than 8,000 British companies are involved in app development. Fezzee was picked from a wide range of applications to represent the top up and coming UK technology and creative companies on the UK Trade & Investment stand during SXSW”.

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