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Former Beats Music CEO Launches “Chosen”, A Mobile Performance Based Music Competition Platform

Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 10.02.42 AMAnswering his own question “Can we turn music consumption into a game?” ex-CEO of Beats Music, David Hyman is back, launching his 4th music startup, “Chosen“, this morning. 


Brought to you by the team that created Beats Music, MOG and Gracenote, Chosen is the only mobile app to turn online video performance and talent-spotting into a fast-paced mobile game.

In an interview with,
David Hyman gave us an inside look into Chosen:

IDuKmxGBhpXcG-dSEThZQCD9LFT9N4dGoz1X1bEwpuQ“Chosen is the first video based, crowd judged, competition game for your mobile phone. Performers and musicians compete, and you as the spectator are also competing. You’re competing with others to move up the ranks as a judge. We’re applying traditional game mechanics to the music consumption space for the first time.”

Hyman continued, “On Chosen, through a combination of leader-board positioning, badging, and experience points, you’re proving that you’re an expert for your respective category of interest. We’re treating it as a platform, so unlike TV, say, American Idol or The Voice, where performers compete, we wanted to free it from the constraints of linear based television where everything is kind of lowest common denominator and everybody sings in a particular style. On Chosen, it’s a platform. We’ll have competitions for Swiss Yodelers, High School Marching Bands, Death Metal, Punk Rock – it doesn’t matter. You, as a judge get to pick your category of interest.”

Qe55yhxt27oUwExXK9YT8FGs4TM95vkN2qPc2eyIG1QChosen also offers social sharing. As Judges are introduced to new performance videos through gameplay, they can opt to follow Performers and share direct links to their favorite songs.

Fame is the name of the game. Chosen users compete with one another for prestige and for prizes. For its inaugural prize, Chosen has partnered with Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival. One lucky Chosen Performer will win the chance to perform live on-stage at Bonnaroo 2015. 

Visit for more information and to request an invitation before Chosen launches to the public worldwide later this spring

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  1. This actually seems like a really cool idea. I haven’t really thought that about other new music apps and platforms recently.

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