Google Launches “YouTube For Artists” Free Toolkit For D.I.Y. Musicians

youtube for artistsMusic helped make YouTube successful, and now YouTube is helping the people who make music find more success on and off the video streamer.  Its all part of a trend we're seeing at Spotify, Pandora and elsewhere: finding ways to add value to creators that don't include raising payments to them.

Google's YouTube has launched YouTube For Artists.  The new hub centralizes and expands YouTube's effort to serve and add value to its musician creators. Included are:

  • An expanded "how to" section with "Tips, tricks, and tools - Each artist and the music they make is unique, but they all get the most from YouTube with the same set of tools." There are guides ranging from a"Master The Basics" beginners guide tp sections on audience engagement and video optimization.
  • Music Insights – Launching soon is a set of analytics tools to help artists track results. "YouTube’s Music Insights tool lets you find out where your fans are so you can plan your next tour around them."
  • Grow On And Off YouTube brings together Google's other music promotion related initiatives including free studio space, the YouTube Music Awards and a partnership with SiriusXM.

They may not mean higher per view payouts for artists, but YouTube For Artists and similar initiatives at by other music streamers offer important additions to the music marketing toolkit.


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  1. Useless if you don’t tour.
    If YouTube wants to help artists, then block and penalize any infringing content, and pay a fair rate to legit content rights-holders. Otherwise, go away.

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