How Smart Musicians Are Selling More Albums With Social Media

Images (11)Social media is a vital tool in the success of a musician's career. But are you sure you are doing all you can to make you social media strategy work for you in your album launch

Today, having a marketing plan that involves some type of social media push is very common. However, with the landscape of social media changing everyday. many artists are skeptical in deciding how to best market their music in the realm of social media. Consumers are regularly taking in new music in different formats. How do you best tackle an album release in an ever-changing market? Cherie Nelson shares in this article how to incorporate social media and all of its quirks into your next album release marketing plan. 

The most common concern most artists have is understanding what works best when social media is changing everyday. That should not be something to fear. Embrace that the world is changing and that as an artist you have to be able to adapt to the many ways people connect and, ultimately, consume. Also, while it is important to have a good marketing strategy, you have to build the foundation first. Before a massive album push, make sure to take the time to build your brand as an artist and build your fan base by being consistent and approachable. That way, when the time comes, you have a loyal online following to support your music and increase your overall sales. Check out more of Cherie Nelson's tips on using social media for album sales on MusicThinkTank.com

"These trends herald a sea change where social media is becoming the key to successful promotion for both albums and concerts. Musicians who know how to engage their fans with today's technology stand the best chance of becoming tomorrow's chart-toppers."

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