How To Create 5-Year Business Plan For Your Band

Untitled (2)In any endeavor, it is a good idea to plan, plan, plan. While the music business can often be seen as only a creative endeavor, having a good business plan for your music career is just as important.

Every successful business does a lot of planning BEFORE they even begin to do the work they set out to do. They calculate risks and potential rewards when it comes to making a plan. In the music business, image from www.hypebot.comwhere there are so many variables, it is best to do as much planning for your career as possible to maximize success. In this article, Cherie Nelson shares how you can apply SMART business practices to your music career.

Often, when we sit down to plan, it is a normal reaction to sit and write our all of our hopes and dreams that we have for our careers. However, a dream in itself is nothing with out a tangible way to make that dream possible. SMART goals can help you hone in on the details of your dreams so that when it comes time to execute your plan, you are focused. Check out Cherie Nelson's article on creating a SMART business plan for your band on MusicThinkTank.com.

"The competitive nature of the music industry is why many musicians either fail to garner the attention they deserve, eventually disappearing from the scene while others give it their all for several years, but to no avail. For the few who do make it, the fame and glory is often short-lived because they failed to define their SMART goals and missed the opportunity to capitalize on their proverbial 15 minutes of fame."

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