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iTunes Adds Indie Genre Page To iTunes Store

Itunes_logoiTunes has been actively making changes to it's US store for quite some time. After catching heat for seemingly catering to major labels, one of the iTunes store's additions is an Indie spotlight page. 

Found under the "Genre" tab, iTunes breaks Indie music into sub-genres featuring Indie Electric, Indie Pop, Indie Hip Hop, Indie Dance, and Indie Rock to highlight the best of up and coming Indie music. The page also features the most popular Indie content, pre-orders, and emerging artists that may be of interest to Indie loyalists. 

To check out the Indie spotlight page, visit the iTunes store on your most convenient device. 

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  1. Is this good or bad for Indie artists?
    Part of me feels like their creating an “Indie” genre tab is essentially just a junkyard/ghetto for unsigned bands.
    Now they don’t have to muck up the main pages of, say, the Alternative and Pop genres with features on unfamiliar artists – just stick ’em in the Indie section where folks with no knowledge of what Indie really means will never even look.
    To your point in this article, are there REALLY people who exist that are “Indie loyalists”?

  2. Thanks for your comment – you make a valid point. It could easily be damned as a junkyard, but it’s also arguably better than no Indie artist page, as Apple could have opted to disregard completely.
    As far as Indie loyalists, more and more people have an eye on Indie artists for a breath of new music. I, for one, am someone who is constantly exploring the genre. I could be an exception, or I could be a part of large group of other fans who are doing the same.

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