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Kosha Dillz: Top 10 Places To Be At #SXSW2015 To Advance Your Everything


SXSW is starting and you're all about promoting your 5000 fliers and 100 cds and I get that, but if you could give 20 handshakes and connect with people you could elevate your SXSW experience considerably.

This is my 8th year doing it, and it usually takes the #8 in Judaism to represent miracles, so hopefully my 8th SXSW will be my miracle year (maybe Kanye West will come see my set and sign me?) No seriously. I believe a miracle will happen, but first let me write this article real quick and put you up on some of my tricks for free.

1. Convention Center tables –

Hangin' out at the convention center is a great thing for you to do Why? Well, you will meet people from all over the world, and its most likely that they are working on press at that very moment. It is most likely for them to be more open since you are buying food right next to these tables. This guarantees you a few coffee meetings in SXSW with all the possibilities and new friends you can make per half hour. Everyone is on their computer doing work already, so they might be writing an article right there.

2. Standing in Line for BBQ –

I recommend you stand in line for BBQ. BBQ in Austin attracts people from all over the world. Here is your opportunity to buy someone BBQ. I once stood in line and met Nic Adler from The Roxy and Adler integrated , and he gave me a show the next morning at his Bloody Mary Show. It was my best one of SXSW 2013.

3. Empire Auto Garage –

Op8GGxSt_400x400Basically every single show that exists in all its glory will happen here for the hip of hip in electronic dj sets. I played there in 2012 and it changed my life, and I also know the family orientation that happens there. I'm not saying it just because, but if you build rep ore and hang out at one venue all week , you make friends and get introduced to the right people instead read of bouncing all around in a ping pong machine. If you don't choose Empire Auto Garage, choose another venue. Stones Throw, Biz 3, IHEARTCOMIX, Ham on Everything are all collaborating on events so this year is the year to just hang there. Trust me. Even the people who don't play that music will play there.

4. The Rza Film Panel or Other Panels –

This is the place to be for the ultimate schmooze. You might find you next employee here, artist, booking agent, and manager here as well. You might also get booked for a major festival, and that could all happen for you to show up listen and ask questions publicly on a mic. Its open season to introduce yourself and promote what you have going on , (Ie. Kosha Dillz official SXSW artist, Vans Warped Tour 2015 and I was hacked by ISIS) great panels to attend include Band Smart! Lynks Music, Rza Film showcase, and anyone that chats about festivals //mgmt. or your prospective field. Go to a place where you have some association



5. Javelina Bar OY VEY! SXSW showcase 

– I know you might think it's a shameless plug but I didn't write this article to include shame. I know that with a PR team, a promoted official show, and confirmations from an entire set of writers and artists , this place will be the place to be. I can assure I will greet every soul who comes there, and encourage the hustle. If you want to meet big writers and PR and agents and great artists, please come. The music will be good. There will be SOLID COFFEE , and acts from Israel all the way to Memphis and Montreal. Also, when you come to a showcase, try to stay for the entire thing. Support all the artists. Staying in one place lets life happen.. ATX is a big place and its good to hang, but dont get too stressed about running all over the place. Right when you leave one place, a different person you were supposed to meet came to the place you just were. RSVP HERE


6. The Artist Lounge-

This is a cool place to be. Why? Its like a free schmooze with free coffee and free power bars and things like that where you can stock up on your energy for the day. I love free things that I would normally pay for like coffee. If I got bunch of free coffee for the next 10 days, I'd probably save 100 dollars! Yee.


7. Friends Shows – I think this is very important to do. We are all here together. This levels the playing field. People will come to your show and will miss it. But people will remember you for sure if you came to their show and you came to the front to show support. Especially if it's a lightly attended show. You will make someone's world come alive. Check my OY VEY Friday 3.20 show, where over 50 friends will play all day, and there will be a Shabbat Dinner!


8. The Convention Trade Show (Music + Tech)

– All those people and all that awesomeness and all that time to actually have a conversation. People love it when you come to their booth, because you spent so much money on actually having the booth. I met people there last year, who booked me for a show in north dakota. I than went there and drove from South Dakota, only to meet another person on the side of the road who booked me last month for over $20 bucks. (not gonna tell you how much in public guys) Basically attending the trade show in the convention center has led to me to a huge fortune in Fargo, North Dakota. This could be you too but you're too busy farting around!

You need to be in the trade show and visit people from all over the world. Do it. Do it. Trust me!


9 The Gary Vee Wine Party – This part is gonna be the tits magee if there is one. Anyone who is anyone will be there, and that doesn't even mean anything. THere is just a good crowd. Heavy Metal Pizza on 6th – Lets just see this is a place you won't expect to bond with people over the best music at SXSW, so make your story more metal and eat there. I think the carbs are rough but the stories are good, and you set yourself up for interesting conversation.


10 Death  Metal Pizza on 6th – Lets just see this is a place you won't expect to bond with people over the best music at SXSW, so make your story more metal and eat there. I think the carbs are rough but the stories are good, and you set yourself up for interesting conversation.


Hope that helps you out with everything for this week. Remember, the goal is to advace your everything, and you never know what will happen at SXSW. I've rapped with Macaulay Culkin, booked a tour with Snoop Dogg, and ended up being a playable character in 2011/2013 NBA 2k with millions of games sold. I also got hit by a car before my showcase with Phantogram in 2009, and looked what happened to them.LOLZ.

If you wanna hang with me this week, check the flier below. Have a great SXSW!




Kosha Dillz is a rapper who is in his 8th year of SXSW and believes that the number eight is a miracle number. He will be rapping all week including shows with Nas and street (freestyle rap) performing by BBQ stands. He's in Austin for 10 days and can be reached at rapperfriends(at) Friday night, he is curating his own Shabbat Dinner and you are invited. THis summer hell be on Vans Warped Tour with Riff Raff and Mod Sun. Watch his new music video Been Down here Follow him on twitter 

Kosha Dillz also had a Q n A in Billboard come out today.  Click here to Read it.

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