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Mad Genius Radio Meets Kickstarter Goal Well Ahead Of Deadline

ImageThe subscription-based internet radio service, Mad Genius Radio, launched a Kickstarter campaign in hopes of raising enough funds to take the service public. Not only did they reach their goal, they've exceeded it with weeks left in the campaign. 

Mad Genius Radio has purposefully set itself apart as a listener driven, deeply customizable internet radio service. The platform, representative of soundboard, offers users adjustable preference controls allowing them to mix genres, set playlists, add requests, and create five custom built channels in real time. Listeners aren't the only ones experiencing the upside of Mad Genius Radio.

In an effort to fairly compensate artists, the internet radio service has opted for an ad-free, subscription-based model that allows them to pay 79% more  in royalties to performers and copyright holders on a per-song basis than their free, ad-supported competitors. 

The Kickstarter campaign reached its goal of $5,000 much quicker than expected, suggesting the Mad Genius Radio team has struck a chord in the streaming music sector. 


“The quick success of our Kickstarter campaign only reinforces the fact that people want a better streaming radio experience, and we can offer that to them,” said Eric Neumann, the company’s founder. “Mad Genius replaces the old system of tired, limited playlists routinely interrupted by commercials with a fully personalized listening experience.”

Eric continued, “For example, if you choose a “Rolling Stones” station on a traditional online radio platform, you’ll get a handful of obvious songs from the Stones and other British Invasion artists, with a couple of other bands from the 60s thrown in. With Mad Genius, if you want to hear the Rolling Stones, as well as the music that inspired them, and the bands that they inspired, plus some electronic chill or alternative country mixed in, you can. Our platform brings true variety and an individual’s unique – often eclectic – tastes back into the listening experience.”

The capital raised from the Kickstarter campaign will help Mad Genius Radio continue to develop features on its web player and mobile apps, as well as give a chance for the service’s existing fans to show their support.

The campaign will continue until March 26 – view the project on

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