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RIAA, Major Labels Find New Ally In Battle Against Grooveshark: Google

pirateThe major labels have long seen Grooveshark as the enemy, launching lawsuits and shutting the music streamer out wherever they could. Now they've found a new ally in their ongoing battle with Grooveshark – Google.

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The RIAA and the major record labels have targeted Grooveshark with an unprecedented level of take down notices. According to new Google stats shared by Torrentfreak, last month the streaming service became the 7th most reported site, joining a list of some of the most notorious pirates in the world.

In the last month, the labels, RIAA and IFPI sent Google 346,619 complaints about Grooveshark, including 10,000 in one notice alone.

The net result of all of these takedown requests appears to be a dramatic decrease in traffic to Grooveshark – particularly traffic from search.  This traffic ranking comes from Alexa:

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