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The Complete Guide To ISRC Codes For Music [Infographic]

MBA.stack.logoThe Music Business Association (Music Biz) has released an infographic to help illustrate the importance of International Standard Recording Codes (ISRC) and how they're being used in today's music industry


In the inforgraphic, Music Biz explains that an ISRC code is a unique identifier for music tracks, spoken word recordings, and music videos that enables labels, digital services, and publishers to easily collect royalties and attach key metadata to each song. Going a step further, the infographic then explains how to obtain a ISRC and how the know whether or not one needs to be used. 

“ISRC codes are often overlooked despite the fact that they are absolutely essential to music discovery and stakeholder payment,” said Bill Wilson, Vice President of Digital Strategy and Business Development for Music Biz. “Without an ISRC, there is no way to properly identify a song, meaning potential customers can’t find it, and those who own the copyrights can’t collect the royalties they are owed. This infographic goes a long way to educate the industry about the importance of ISRC as one of the most critical components in digital music."



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  1. …and again, doesn’t matter unless you’re signed to a label and they are getting your music played and featured prominently, otherwise, not enough people will know about it to care and help generate income from it.

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