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Music Publishing News Roundup 3.2.15: Global Release Day, Spotify Lyrics, Beatport & More

Large_tddisca[UPDATED] Friday has been set as the global record release day according to a recent report from the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry. This announcement follows the IFPI’S recent report that showed that a majority of active music listeners prefer new music to be released on Fridays and Saturdays.

With this in place, international music listeners will have access to new released at the same time regardless of the country they live in. Press releases have been released from executives at RIAA, Concord and Rdio in support.

Spotify has added a lyrics button to their desktop player through MusixMatch’s Lyrics. With the latest update of Spotify’s desktop client, they have removed the “App Finder” feature and added a button that allows users to lyrics for any song they are listening to. The newest update will also feature a new Friend Feed that vies users more information on what their friends are listening to. Plans for releasing a lyrics button to their mobile apps are still to be determined.

Beatport has released a free dance music streaming serviceThe music site, originally providing high quality downloads for DJ’s live sets was acquired by SFX in 2013, at which point they began planning a complete overhaul of the entire site. The new streaming service will focus on discovering new music and will focus on the dance/EDM genre.

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