Rightsify Gives Rights Holders An Interactive Platform To View And Analyze Industry Data

Rightsify-trans-300x200Rightsify is bringing key data to rights holders and licensees by way of an easy-to-digest online dashboard that helps them better understand important industry trends to grow their business in the new digital world. 

Rightsify operates as a cloud based analytical system compatible with any royalty or revenue source. The platform streamlines data compilation, allowing users to sort and filter key data by best-selling songs, countries, stores, artists, writers to royalty sources, etc. With the ability to better understand and analyze the data coming in through the Rightsify dashboard, rights holders and licensees can see where sales are being driven and ultimately, make more informed, strategic business decisions. 

"In the past most rights holders had been limited from gaining meaningful analytics from their content as they tend to receive their sales data from third-parties in Excel or PDF format but haven't had access to a platform that they can structure and visualize this raw data with," said Rightsify founder, Alex Bestall. "We are here to help make sense of this data for rights holders with an easy to use solution that provides deep insights and delivers value."

Bestall continued, "As new distribution mediums and revenue sources emerge, we are excited to be working closely with rights holders and providing them the data and insights they need to grow their businesses in the new digital world."

Rightsify is currently offering a full functioning FREE 30-Day Trail.

For more information, please visit rightsify.com 

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