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Send A Message To Congress – Join The Copyright Alliance’s ‘Take Action Now’ Campaign

SongwritersEquityActOn Wednesday afternoon the Songwriters Equity Act was reintroduced to congress with bipartisan support. The bill, if passed, would amend sections 114 and 115 of the Copyright Act to ensure fair market value is a part of the royalty equation for songwriters.

add-signatureThe music industry has rallied in support of the bill's reappearance and the Copyright Alliance has fully echoed those sentiments. In an effort the make sure the voice of all creatives are heard by Congress, the Copyright Alliance penned an open letter to the 114th Congress stressing the importance of the Songwriters Equity Act and asking Congress for their support. 

A portion of the letter reads as follows:

There is no “left” or “right” when it comes to respecting copyright. The creative community stands united in support of a copyright system that has made and continues to make the United States the global leader in the creative arts and the global paradigm for free expression. Our copyright system is not perfect but, like democracy, it is better than the alternatives. It works. We urge Congress to resist attempts to erode the right of creatives to determine when and how they share their works in the global marketplace.

To join the Copyright Alliance's 'Take Action Now' campaign, add your name at the bottom of the letter.

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