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Throwback Thursday: Obsolete Technologies That Will Baffle Today’s Kids

Floppy-discTime is a changin' and so is the technology. Join us for a little stroll down memory lane and pay tribute to some of the finest technology no one born after 1990 will even recognize.


Guest Post by Alan Cross on A Journal Of Music Things

Back in my day, kids, we used to have one of these if we wanted to listen to our music on the go.

Sony Walkman

We needed one of them because our phones looked like this.

Rotary phone

And no, our phones didn’t have one of these built in, either.


After a while, though, our music did go digital when we started using one of these.


But we had to transfer our music from device to device with one of these babies.

Floppy disc

And don’t get me started on…

Game Boy

…or these.

VHS tapes

If you need to feel any older, head over to the Daily Telegraph for more from this gallery.


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