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Today’s Senate Hearings Ask “How Much For A Song? [Watch Live Now]

image from www.southeastcoalash.orgHow much money is collected for the use of music, how it is distributed and who is in control is a matter of law in the U.S. Are BMI and ASCAP music monopolies or protectors? Senate hearing being held today hope to find some answers.  

Today starting at 10AM, the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Antitrust, Competition Policy and Consumer Rights will hear testimony regarding the Department of Justice Consent Decrees that govern how ASCAP and BMI collect and handle royalties. At stake is the future of songwriting.

"Whatever “Big Music” is, it starts with songwriters," says Chris Castle of Music-Technology-Policy. "Songwriters are every bit as much American innovators as Google, Apple, Amazon and Facebook, a group – some might call it a cartel – that Google’s Eric Schmidt refers to as the Gang of Four. There is no copyright that “Big Music” is charged with exploiting that doesn’t start with songwriters."

You can watch the hearings live here

How Much For a Song?

The Antitrust Decrees that Govern the Market for Music

Today Witnesses

  1. Mr. Mike Dowdle
    Vice President Of Business Affairs And General Counsel
    Bonneville International 
  2. Ms. Jodie Griffin
    Senior Staff Attorney
    Public Knowledge 
  3. Mr. Chris Harrison
    Vice President Of Business Affairs
    Pandora Media, Inc. 
  4. Ms. Beth Matthews
    American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) 
  5. Mr. Lee Thomas Miller
    Broadcast Music, Inc. Songwriter Affiliate
    President , Nashville Songwriters Association International
  6. Mr. Matt Pincus
  7. Founder And CEO
    SONGS Music Publishing


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