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Twitter’s Head Of Music Bob Moczydlowsky To Exit, Is He Headed To Apple?

twitter musicUPDATED: A number of key execs have exited Twitter in recent months, so it should come as no surprise that the company's head of music, Bob Moczydlowsky, is also headed for the door. But does Moz's departure from Twitter signal something more? 

On Friday, Bob Moczydlowsky, Twitter's Head Of Music tweeted:

Bob MozI'm ending my time at Twitter in a few weeks. I've loved every day of it, and will miss our great team. What's next? Stay tuned. 😉

Moczydlowsky joined Twitter in 2013 after a stint helping to run Topspin. Before and since his arrival, Twitter has failed to pursue a consistent music strategy.  Moz strengthened Twitter's ties with the music industry. But shortly after his arrival, the company shut down its #Music initiative.  No new strategy has emerged; and the only major music announcement in the last 18 months was a deal with Lyor Cohen that gave his 300 Entertainment startup access to music trending data.

What's Next?

Moczydlowsky is only one of many execs that left the company is recent month, But his exit could signal more than Twitter cleaning house or a smart guy moving on by choice. Two, not mutually exclusive, scenarios could explain his departure:

1) Twitter has finally figured out that it doesn't work as a music platform.  Celebrities and music fans Beats applewill continue to share tracks and music news, but the pace, length and depth of interactions on Twitter are not well suited for music discovery or any real music monetization strategy.

2) Moczydlowsky is headed somewhere interesting; and all signs point to Apple. They're hiring in their music division; and he'd be rejoining his former Topspin boss and friend Ian Rogers in what is shaping up to be a very interesting relaunch of Beats and iTunes. That's certainly a scenario that would cause Moczydlowsky to add a 😉 (wink) to the end of his Twitter departure tweet.


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